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ᏗᏩᏞᎥᎦ Lone Moose

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Valued above jellyfish, Homo fabers are the disco ball, the Kaleidoscope; ᏗᏩᏞᎥᎦ oka lone moose (rainbow faucet) married with impossible feats of dream-dangling in place of elite inflationaries, drifting sideways the "Real World" while surpassing prismatic negatives as goyans with goodwill and grace retracing Sunday dessert, facilitating sprite tales of journey real as opal grazed by ten fingers. So, entitled by quake, stick out and face the outbound, PMC (ᏗᏩᏔᎣᏓᎤᎧᏙᎥᏓ), while we savour these curtain regimes assuredly as stars.

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