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Sunday Silence

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Sunday silence in Seattle,

where one can sea the stars,

the war admiral's affirmed a desert orchid.

'Twenty grand on Triumph!' cries out Sir Barton,

unbridled with ambition,

man o'war turned Sergeant Reckless.

'I'll have another,' says Smarty Jones,

and down the gulch the red rum goes,

along for the dawn run.

'It's a genuine risk,' exclaims the announcer,

Triumph's war emblem shines,

big brown steps as a gallant fox.

Crowd goes real quiet--

then comes the slew,

Barton's face turns a shade of California chrome.

'A spectacular bid!' the announcer exclaims.

'My precious, my treasure!' Barton cries out.

(Written May 9, 2020)

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