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IMBROS - A Utopian Vision

IMBROS will be a sovereign utopian nation somewhere in the Arctic.

All clocks will be manufactured according to French revolutionary time (1 day is 10 hours, 1 hour is 100 minutes, 1 minute is 100 seconds) while the calendar will follow the phases of the Moon or a turtle's back (13 months per year, 8 weeks per month, 4 days per week).

Our constitution or "Fulfilled Aspirations" will be written by an essentially small "government" comprised of creatives (artists, writers, and musicians) who will eliminate silly bureaucracies and the politics of hate to instead focus on every human being's instinctive, endless reservoir of pure imagination and Hope.

Our economy will be based on the distribution of the kind of Wonder that never sleeps, through various theme park attractions empowered by the beauty of the aurora. Our currency will be the "Kin"; 1 of which is equivalent to 4.25 Canadian dollars. Each of these unique tokens will display one wonder of the Earth.

"Citizens" will reside in diverse and interwoven communities replicating Nature's divine Circle, which will appease the harmony of the universe's patterns and cycles. Trees are mandatory.

(And of course our official language shall be the universal language Row Deal, dancing equally on every tongue no matter how foreign, and always with a simplistic beauty.)

(Row Deal Translation)

IMBROS wi bess mel voice uh Ensave Tire. Sow zagay wiapp rut Fransey topmane za (1 suit 10 chas, 1 chas 100 kick, 1 kick 100 an), nempet keep sarned vey lumger (1 god 13 mace, 1 mace 8 ned, 1 ned 4 suit). May voicezack vey paysail wipeace rut n'gnaw sigh met pay hein janehun (natun, peacehun, cogun) who-rush bode meetmet eh nef-sage, reddeek sow joe-hay says oynes safjane eh daze kine. May metroof das wihime oyza neatgnaw hush, rez mow vessmess gos hein seal rut sageshick rick. May 1 Kin; 4.25 Canada kin. Sow reajzoss wicause add Boomey hush. Voicejoe woss chaygnaw shiv dometiff tip Reerey coot Dire, wivaz reney rarjan eh chev whom. Rave bove.

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