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The Ongoing Universe of Leaves from a Tree


Music in the Mirrors is the full-length novel culminating the events set in Jupiter's Black Diamond. Both works act as a part of an interwoven saga revolving around the birth and death of the universe, bound by Love, the hand of Fate, and of course the Blowfish, who watches over a diverse cast of eccentric characters comprised of animals and humans alike who fight for either chaos or harmony during their adventures into strange new worlds.

In this 500-page epic, a Mongolian conqueror known as the master of mirrors has trapped the city of Narrm (Melbourne) in a snow globe small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, transforming it into a whimsical yet harsh wonderland composed of purple rain and a labyrinth of mirrors. The fabric of his desire remains an utter mystery. The cast includes Coki, a disc jockey lacking a muse, former celebrity singer Janet Jouffret, the reclusive Professor Lambert and his runaway pet baboon, an abandoned greyhound who becomes the Dog King and clashes with the infamous Thief of Pearls, a snowy owl with an arsenal of impossible riddles, a vulture shaman who falls in love with a corpse, and an albino elephant merchant who dreams of transforming into a Homo sapien. These wandering souls must all collide in order to fulfill a multichromatic mission of three acts.

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Jupiter's Black Diamond and Other Stories (2021)

Jupiter's Black Diamond is a mostly spiritual prequel to Music in the Mirrors. This short story collection has its own unique set of quirky characters and stories mixed in with the more interconnected cast of characters familiar to the overarching saga. 

It wouldn't be fair to call this a mere book. Rather, it is a window into several worlds united by the wheel of Fate. Worlds where the last surviving dodo rules over a negative pocket dimension, celestial jellyfish investigate a betrayal in the eye of Jupiter's eternal storm, and a vulture society trapped in a desert without night erupts into a civil war. Even more beautiful oddities lie within, waiting to be unlocked by human eyes.

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Eyes of the Rainbow Serpent (2018)

Eyes of the Rainbow Serpent is a unique narrative taking place in a microcosm of the grander universe. It follows Dr. Robert Forrest, a former TV host known as the 'Reptile Hunter' (similar to Steve Irwin) who becomes obsessed with the real-life Aborigine legend of the rainbow serpent when one of his rival colleagues - the shifty Allanby - returns from an expedition with evidence for the mythical serpent's existence. Robert decides to join his team for an all-out hunt in Deeragun, only to uncover a vast conspiracy. As he faces betrayal, death, as well as the truth about his past, Robert must traverse the Australian Outback and figure out what is real and what is a part of his insanity in order to realize his true destiny and confront the eyes of the rainbow serpent.

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