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Music in the Mirrors is now available on Amazon!

Updated: Jan 3

In this vast and interconnected novel, an immortal and equally enigmatic Mongolian conqueror known as the master of mirrors traps Narrm in a snow globe to join his growing collection, transforming the once vibrant cityscape into a whimsical yet harsh wonderland composed of purple rain and his signature mirrors. The fabric of his desire, representing the most powerful motive in the universe and the source of his energies spiralling the 5,857 worlds out of balance, remains an utter mystery.

The mischievous Blowfish deity stands as his celestial rival as he guides an eccentric cast of characters along invisible winds using his many eyes. Among them are Coki, a Zanzibarian disc jockey lacking a muse, his constantly-drumming twin Iggy, former celebrity singer Janet Jouffret who is somehow immune to the purple lemonade, the reclusive Professor Lambert on a desperate hunt for his runaway pet baboon, an abandoned greyhound who becomes the Dog King and clashes with the infamous Thief of Pearls, a snowy owl with an arsenal of impossible riddles, a vulture shaman who falls in love with a corpse, and an albino elephant merchant who dreams of transforming into a Homo sapien.

These wandering souls must all collide in accordance with the fading hand of Fate in order to fulfill a multichromatic mission of three acts, taking them across a living island with bamboo and baboons as her hair and an awakening volcano as her mouth, a red desert inhabited by shifty shadows and scavengers, impossibly tall mountains guarded by bitter frost, minds to be unlocked by transcendent keys, and other strange new worlds. Their journeys express an epic saga spanning the birth and death of the universe.

Music in the Mirrors is now available as both a paperback and an ebook on Amazon! Get it here:

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