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Jetchai Te: A Method to Ensure the Effectiveness of Nonviolence

Updated: May 24, 2023

How does one defeat the unjust king of the universe through nonviolent means, when he has invaded the very fabric of reality as a violent entity?

The body stays entirely physical, and thus it is the king's domain. The mind is born from a mix of the physical and the spiritual realms, struggling between the influence of both malicious and benevolent forces. The soul, however, belongs entirely to the harmonious, eternal unified field, and is not a personal possession of its owner like the body and the mind are, but one drop in the ocean combining every other soul of the universe. You may convince your mind to not be swayed by the king's darkness, but the actions of your freed mind are still subject to his domain. Your nonviolence does not stand a chance against the violence of even his weakest minions.

Just like the mind, every soul carries some discontent, which fuels disharmony, ultimately painting the fabric of the universe with violence. When you calm the stormy seas of your soul and tame it to accept a constant state of tranquillity, you retrieve the very core power of this maleficent king, whose energies are fuelled by the discontent composing the universe's fabric.

If the coalition of a mere seven beings, each representing one founding colour of this particular rebirth of the universe, return their souls to the unified field, true colour will be restored to the fabric of the universe in the form of harmony, stealing from the black and the white, which are the arsenal of the king's disharmony. He is then defeated by the cleansing of the unified field, which produces a magnificent brush that paints the fabric of the universe with nonviolence, thus eliminating the king's violent powers. He cannot commit a single violent act in the background of a unified field that will not allow it by the newly upheld law of the seven colours. The universe becomes nonviolence - the solution to disharmony is in the fabric of everything itself.

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