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Solongo - Creed of the New World

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

As emissaries of Daze (Hope) and Taze (Nonconformity), we are living emblems of the glass castle. In recognition of warfare not between light and darkness but unity and disunity, otherwise known as multichromaticism and monochromaticism (in league with dichromaticism), our aim is to expand the collective consciousness, a blaze shared equally by all human beings and certain animals, allowing us to tame the oysters belonging to the starry mirror and reach galactic equilibrium while surrounded by Void; a tale of transcendence.

Daze is harvested through Ashooze (Cinema), the face of God which inspires Zoom Tin (Kama Muta). Our colourful wardrobe paired with Shar (yellow lenses) engages neuroplasticity in order to push evolution. The mark of our common tongue is More (a shoulder marked with purple); where animals are not born but Var (spring), and do not die but Zim (winter) - seconds, minutes, and hours are counted according to ten fingers - and our speech inherits the eternal blue sky's symphony with the Sun. Inscribed on leaves by a peacock, we carry mononyms born from the stream of unconsciousness; surrealism outside of dull cultural mojo.

In the garden of Ghoul (the humour of the blooming roses), we harvest the act of Dye (Creation), not education. Yet the hounds will inherit the Earth, so we teach them geometry. The red panda, meanwhile, overflows Nar (Pomegranate's armageddon forecast). In the presence of Aisle (Imagination), we hear the echo of music discs, while the Real World remains under construction. 

(Artist: Solongo Kanter)

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