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Sought and Famshall: Conformity and the Transcendent Treadmill

The best possible act of creation is a positive one. This force can be achieved through the universal tongue of cog (music), among other audiovisual experiences. The next and only alternative is an unprecedented act of nonconformity, aided by the bottomless pit of jane (imagination). These two routes will guide our civilization across the natural turbulent waves representing the power struggle between light and darkness in the universe.

Sought (conformity) is the tossbom (dust particle) at the root of most human despair. Conformists or tussoon (dull souls) thrive on a corrupted famshall (treadmill) – instead of the positive, free-spirited, and forward-thinking outreach towards the revival of the inner ocean, they head in reverse direction, taking one second steps day by day further into the pit of oblivion, from where they gather the materials to construct their hollow masks. This process is known as barjeck or the taming of the tiger. Their devolution mimics the gravity of a black hole, since they have yet to encounter anyone who reveals the beauty and wisdom that is all around them, especially in the night sky dotted by magnificent star beams.

One frictionless lifebuoy is this: If any event is negative but unprecedented, it enacts change nevertheless. Impermanence is the core of evolution's recipe for life. Nonconformity will grow our common consciousness so that we may better detect and grasp the brightest branches and transcend our species. From there on out, we will evolve into the brightest stars, sea almonds across time and space.

What can one do to build Utopia here and now? Every day, we can promise to do or say at least one thing that nobody else has ever done or said, no matter how small or simple that one thing appears to be. This guaranteed single step forward on the daily famshall is so easily achievable that we will surely surpass it and continually breed transcendence. Merely hearing one fresh idea immediately expands our networks of nerves like ronad tock patch (the blooming of twenty one roses). If millions of people accomplish this daily mission, it will certainly uplift our common consciousness, where jane knows no bounds. Who, besides the Turkish Angora, can possibly foretell where we could end up on that intergenerational famshall? Now do we live in Tomorrowland.

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