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The Utopian Symphony

All religious texts and artworks are strangely connected by recurring metaphors. Common intuition realizes what is true: God is within us, through our irises and our empathy for musical revelations. The Second Coming will arrive when a united globe continually uplifts our common consciousness by broadcasting positive audiovisual messages worldwide.

Humans are united through a shared euphoria emerging from audiovisual melodies. Music videos prove this with their billions of views. But in our living apocalypse, conformity is normalized through wage slavery and the casual acceptance of generational roles and scripts. The kingdom of Paradise will exist on Earth after it is transmuted from our irises. We will embrace and enact individualism, meditation, and peace using the universal tongue of music.

We currently harbour the capacity to enact this order. AI on a leash can become a tool of transcendent imagination, with social media as its messenger. You can choose to actualize nonconformist ideas and spread them through the act of Creation, thus uplifting the common consciousness.

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