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Comanche Penguins: What They Don't Want Us To Know

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The citizens of Tukdam currently represent the most advanced society on the face of the Earth. Every Tukdam chick is birthed from Winter’s secret, gentler left hand, whose miracles can also produce never melting snowflakes. Although they remain huddled and hidden in some uncharted pocket of the Arctic, these penguins still pose a particularly dangerous threat to humankind because they harbour nuclear weapons. However, first contact is impossible since they prefer honking as their primary form of communication. The emperor of Tukdam is nameless, as are the leaders of every other monochromatic civilization. Although he carries the largest neuron capacity in the universe, he devotes his attention exclusively to the welfare of his humble honkers.

The penguins of Tukdam have worked hard to protect their secrets. Spread the word before it is too late to take a stand.

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