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The Dreaming

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Australian Aborigines designated only a few hours per day to fulfilling basic survival needs, because they realized the unique destiny of human awareness beyond mere animalistic survival. They used the majority of their waking lives to raise and expand their common consciousness, not through drugs or religion, but imagination and creativity; stories, music, songlines, dancing, and painting – Dreaming.

This is so very unlike modern culture, where humans sprout to believe that keeping a career is the meaning of life – in other words, the majority of their waking hours (9-5) are spent in the pursuit of survival, as defined by soulless entities. This common, rational civilization dismisses art. But Utopia must strive in the opposite direction in order to emerge from cement. Survival, tokens of monetary value, appearance, and travel are nothing but vanity. Creation through imagination – Dreaming – is everything. It is what composes soulfulness. It is purpose, an influence beyond death. It is ascent. And it is an original, ancient principle, long forgotten by the majority, whispered in the same tone as the wind whistling in the narrow alleyways of monolithic cities. Yet, one bright eye is an eternal beacon.

I wrote a book exploring Dreamtime mythology, in particular, the legend of the Rainbow Serpent. If you are interested, check it out on Amazon:

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