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Sarnai - The Isle of Roses

Hidden behind a keyhole, beyond the salty arctic territory of Tukdam ruled by those hyperintelligent penguins, there lives and breathes an uncharted isle known as Sarnai filled to the brim with roses.

Sarnai's motherly grasp carries afloat a flock of airbourne horses previously bound to spiritual quests, who have grown so enamoured with the sweet scent of the overflowing garden that they have elected to remain grounded there, eventually evolving to enter any dreamtime current like fluent fluids through their majestic irises that have long vowed to appreciate Beauty, and thus are able to tame their own herders.

Dig deep enough until the roses overwhelm the self, and you will not drown in their abundance, but uncover Sarnai's collection of precious cloudy pearls, each worth an array of infinite lifetimes, each representative of souls still trapped on earthly soils.

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